Slaven Gajovic

Born 1972 in Serbia (ex Yugoslavia) where in 1991 Slaven finished schooling and obtained a diploma in IT (qualified computer programmer) with distinction. Shortly thereafter, Slaven worked at a paging company where within a very short period , was promoted to Pager Programming Department Manager. Due to the political situation in Serbia, he had an opportunity to emigrate – and chose South Africa.

Slaven arrived in SA in 1992, and started pursuing a computer career. In 1993 he found an interest in the residential real estate profession and shortly thereafter founded his own real estate company. Since then Slaven has shifted interests to commercial and development as a property broker, owner, developer and property investor.

Since starting in the business, Slaven concentrated on building a good name. Being open and honest – in conjuncton with producing results – he earned an impeccable reputation. The mere fact that more than 80% of the development, investment and brokerage business comes from referrals and repeat partners says enough on its own. Also, in order to stay on top in the property industry – he is continuously learning and striving to improve himself, his service, as well as his personal life and businesses.

Slaven is also involved with a number of community projects, with the aim of giving back to the community, thereby contributing towards better life and standard for everyone in the area.

Maximum One Property Group is part of Maximum Group of companies – Slaven being CEO – with interests in Real Estate, IT ventures, corporate entertainment and custom technology solutions.

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