Protea City

A unique industrial, International Agri City and Fresh Produce Market


Protea City has been designed with Industrial Symbiosis in mind.

In nature there are no land fills and thus Industrial Symbiosis is inspired by natural systems – One’s waste is another one’s resource. Protea City promotes resource efficiency and Improves profitability for everyone’s benefit.

Industrial symbiosis is a multiple win for everyone: it creates jobs, generates revenue, saves money, reduces waste!

Why Protea City? Benefits:

  • Situated at the doorstop of a large available labour pool.
  • Easy access from N12, southern part of Soweto, northern Part of Lenasia.
  • Access to Lanseria and OR Tambo Airport – direct access N12-N3 – Airport.
  • Flexible space with warehousing, Agri processing, storage and specialized storage facilities, factories, warehousing solutions to expand your business.
  • For local and world-class companies looking to set up in the Western Part of Gauteng, Soweto or for new entrants to Africa.
  • Protea City is the new industrial node to serve a variety of complementing industries – Logistics Centre, Agri processing, Light industrial.
  • Warehousing technology and position enables rapid movement of goods.
  • Strategically located for:
  • – Agri processing as it is near wester part of Gauteng with a large amount or commercial and small scale farmers.
  • – A number of up and coming Agri hubs that are coming up in WRDM which will feed the Protea City with good for further
  • processing.
  • – Specialized one-stop bulk food retailers which will be servicing immediate need of large markets of Soweto and Lenasia.
  • – Being part Protea Glen – of one of the fastest growing township in South Africa
  • – Last mile logistics and container depot.
  • – Great visibility.
  • – Land mark development.
  • – One Stop Food Centre – bulk retailer providing one stop shop for everything related to produce, meat, liquor, flowers,
  • weddings, funerals and events.
  • – En route of Gauteng’s 25-year Integrated Transport Master Plan

Why Protea City? Few more benefits…

  • Green Industrial facility – minimizing waste and maximizing recycling and reuse.
  • Optimized planning for Industrial symbiosis in mind – for everyone’s benefit
  • Maximizing on circular economy.
  • Multidisciplinary value chain approach
  • Use of traditional as well as superior alternative building practices.
  • Top structure typologies designed with green and energy saving in mind.
  • Urban Solar Farm of 10MW
  • Roof space optimized for solar panels and power generation.
  • Internal Gas supply.
  • ICT, Fibre and connectivity throughout.
  • HACCP compliance.
  • Inclusion of small scale and emerging farmer.
  • Use of latest technology including blockchain, Peer2Peer sales, online trading platform, UbuTransport, UbuSpace, etc.
  • Selling sectional title land with services and development package to suit the investor or end user.
  • Construction risk minimized by using listed Grade 9 company.


Additional documentation may be available per private request.

No documents publicly available.