Dan Tloome Mega Project

A new way of doing Mega RDP Projects - raising the bar in all aspects of the development.


Project Brief

  • Property is situated to the west of Randfontein CBD in the Rand West Local Municipality.
  • Land Size: 538,406 Ha
  • Approved as a Mega Project Gauteng Department of Human Settlements
  • This is fully Government subsidized housing project with a 3 year roll out plan planned.
  • This Government subsidized mixed-use development consisting of 22 110 Residential units: 5419 houses and 16612 high density units – BNGs, Social and Veteran housings, walk-up apartments, Veteran and Disabled housing with all necessary amenities: schools, community centres, shopping centres, neighbourhood centres, student accommodation, industrial park and so on.
  • R.O.D. and Township approval received from the local municipality for Extensions 1,2,3 and 4.
  • Rezoning and township establishment in process for other extensions. All reports favourable.
  • Large Sports Village with 40 000 seater Stadium forms part of the project.
  • Renewable energies and services in the project: 10MW Solar Farm; Water production; Water harvesting and recycling; Grey Water, Sewer and Waster treatment and harvesting; Date and Connectivity;

Dan Tloome Mega Project in bullet points

The aim of the project is to create “RDP 2.0” Development. A new way of doing Mega RDP Projects – raising the bar in all aspects of the development.

Our model “RDP 2.0” is coined and being developed by ARIOBEX and is providing:

  • Managed Services – economically sustainable and private funded managed and operated;
  • Provide Online Education, Training, Skills development and Entrepreneurial tools in order to turn the development into the Economic and Educational hub. 
  • IoT – Internet of Things – connectedness and metering, monitoring
  • “MaxiCash” – banking debit credit card
  • “eMali Blockchain” – our own Blockchain for trust, security, monitoring, governance.

In short – the aim is to provide economically viable and environmental and socially sustainable managed services including Telecoms and Connectivity – as a fundamental human right – which will empower and enable the residents in the community.

Through our online education and empowerment training model we will provide tools, training, guidance, job and skills transfer and development and enable women and your empowerment and leadership and entrepreneurial growth and advancements.

We will provide formal basic and advanced education with certification, as well as artisan training and internship, guidance and development, job and employment assistance, local community forums, news, online TV channel and online Radio station.

When the people are empowered, enabled and connected like in our development above – the next Elon Musk, Mark Shuttleworth or Nikola Tesla can come from one of our RDP developments.

Thus, we aim to turn the RDP development info an educational and economic hub – where the new visionaries and change agents will be empowered and developed.

Thank you for your interest in this project. Please see attached PDF document for more details.


Additional documentation may be available per private request.

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